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[texts]Datorbaserad Innehållsanalys: Kodningsmanual - Inger Bierschenk
This manual is a result of empirical studies of interview materials. It is based on a model for the formalisation of text,which is developed on research within the fields of psychology and linguistics.With this background a psycho­linguistic model is outlined on which a computer-based content analysis technique has been worked out. The presentation of the manual follows the stages of the model. The main part consists of the coding rules together with authentic examples and technical advices f...
Keywords: computer-based content analysis; psycholinguistics; computational linguistics; interview data; authentic materials; coding rules; coder training; reliability testing
Downloads: 6
[texts]Sustainability of Authenticity - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
Today, design is the concept of fashion. This article is focusing on the notion that there is one ideal design of society. The search for ideal solutions of societal problems has been the habit of utopianism. With the purpose to clarify how a student understands prescription and the design of a perfect society, a discourse on Huxley's "Brave New World" is studied. This implies that the student as text producer is expected to communicate a particular intention and orientation, since certain viewp...
Keywords: discourse; non-linear language mechanics; AaO-paradigm; Perspective Text Analysis (PTA/Vertex); utopia; social design; manipulated reproduction; morality; literature study; Huxley; Atwood
Downloads: 34
[texts]The Schema Axiom as Foundation of a Theory for Measurement and Rrepresentation of Consciousness - Bernhard Bierschenk
For the first time in the history of psychological and educational measurement the Kantian schema has been applied to natural language expression in a rigorous and precise way. The crucial novelty of the approach concerns the way in which the Kantian schema interrelates the analytic with the synthetic mode in the construction of the presented formalism. The main thesis advanced is based on the premise that the synthetic in contrast to the analytic proposition plays the central role in the measur...
Keywords: measuring; change; Kant; AaO system; expression; consciousness; carrier; language; dance; language; bees; ecological invariants; intention; orientation; visual cliff; transformation; algorithmic processing; dynamic linkage; cluster
Downloads: 44
[texts]The Controlling Function of the Agent in the Analysis of Question-Response Relationships - Inger Bierschenk
In contrast to traditional linguistic analysis, a model based on the empirical Agent is put forward and tested. A text is regarded as an intentionally produced cognitive process. The analysis has to take the Agent (perspective) into account in order for an adequate processing of its Objectives (viewpoints) to come about. Moreover, the model is surface-oriented and assumes the cognitive relevance of an utterance to be defined by the dynamics of the text production and not by artificial semantic c...
Keywords: multinational; industry; linguistic context; intention; AaO paradigm; integration; coherence
Downloads: 55
[texts]Die ֖kologie des Sprachraums - Bernhard Bierschenk, Inger Bierschenk & Helge Helmersson
The dominating property of the present report concerns an approach, which is exclusively based on discontinuities as the reliable observations. In what way the presentation is designed and the main assumptions are formulated is described within an ecological context. Furthermore, a system of computer programs constitutes the background for reflection. A perspective, oriented on the environment, is extricated through effective evolutionary processes, bifurcation, and loss of stability...
Keywords: Perspecitve Text Analysis; AaO model; coding; strings; grapheme
Downloads: 29
[texts]Mentality for Mission in Christianity: A Tutorial in the Analysis of a Curriculum Vitae - Curt Dahlgren
During the 1800's interest in Christian foreign missions was established and flourished in Sweden. Several mission organisations were founded for the purpose of disseminating knowledge about the countries in which missionary activity was to be carried out. This was done in part to raise funding to support increased missionary activity and in part to recruit new candidates for the mission field. Missionary publications were one means of achieving this goal...
Keywords: AaO system; missionary; training; Christianity; recruitment; religion; growth
Downloads: 40
[texts]The Ideology of Pure Form - Inger Bierschenk
Ever since Chomsky published his work on the syntactic structures, linguists, AI-researchers, philosophers and psychologists have been obsessed with trying to prove the relevance of the formalism that his work advocates. The Chomskyan tradition assumes that the automaton represents the highest form of knowledge, and that, therefore, knowledge of language exists only as propositions. In the later works of Chomsky, the X-bar theory, especially its minimalist version, is proposed to be a purified d...
Keywords: declarative description; phrase structure grammar; finite state generator; minimalist hypothesis; X-bar graph
Downloads: 51
[texts]Self-confrontation via Closed Circuit Television in Teacher Training: Results, Implications and Recommendations - Bernhard Bierschenk
An experimental study was carried out at the Malmö School of Education in 1969 and 1970 for the purpose of studying the effects on the self-assessment of student teachers of, firstly, externally mediated self-confrontation processes (via closed-circuit television and video-recording), and secondly, dyadic confrontation processes (in the form of traditional tutoring). Detailed reports on the background, design and result of the experiment have been presented in Swedish...
Keywords: micro-teaching; closed circuit television; video-recording; teacher training; self-confrontation; self assessment; self-evaluation; dyadic confrontation; experimental design; canonical correlations
Downloads: 154
[texts]Evolution of Growth in the Development of Competence - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
The article presents the third study of a series that has been designed to manifest consciousness and to measure developed competence. The emphasis of the main hypothesis has been put on the student's ability to adapt to the main idea of a given story and to express his comprehension verbally. In what way the two students of the previous two experiments have been able to accomplish the experimental task, is reflected in the state attractors of the produced fitness landscapes...
Keywords: optimism; Enlightenment; analytic-descriptive; synthetic-reflective; poetry; narrative; writing style; AaO mechanism; holophors; Voltaire; Candide
Downloads: 78
[texts]An ecological model for the processing of symbolic information - Bernhard Bierschenk
This article attempts to prove that an adequate cognition oriented approach to the processing of symbolic information abstracted from verbal expressions must consider a running text instead of scattered sentences. It is argued that the dominant cognition models do not give due consideration to the fact that a valid abstraction of in-formation structures has to be based on an explicit encoding of intentionality and valuation...
Keywords: running text processing; semantics; Osgood scaling; verb; adjectives; discriminant functions
Downloads: 35
[texts]Testing for Synthesis - Inger Bierschenk
This article connects to the present day awareness of educators at all levels that the methods for measurement and testing of knowledge have to be reconsidered and modernised. For it is not the definition of knowledge that has changed since the 1968 student revolution; what has changed is how it is valued. Moreover, the general opinion among educators is that knowledge is the result of the student’s analytical ability...
Keywords: teaching device; examination; criterion-related; degree; difficulty; aspiration level; conceptual understanding; concept transformation; literature; society
Downloads: 44
[texts]Conceptions of Cognitive Functions in a Science of Knowing - Bernhard Bierschenk
This article presents a critical discussion of the use of the notion "frame", especially by computer scientists, as a theoretical construct to describe the cognitive representation of information. It is argued that an adequate description of "knowledge" requires the utilization of the notion "schema" as the theoretical construct. Based on this discussion, the construction of abstract cognitive models is proposed...
Keywords: constructive routines; cognitive models; data abstraction; frame; memory; schema
Downloads: 71
[texts]Concept Formulation: Part I. The Phenomenon of Cognition - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
A common way of looking at cognition builds on the generation and representation of knowledge based on syntactic models. Above all, in connection with computer applications, it is proposed that the syntactic models are of significance for research on language and cognition. In the representation of a cognitive phenomenon, language plays the central role. Therefore, a contrasting discussion of the basic assumptions of both syntactic and paradigmatic models is the starting point of a method develo...
Keywords: system; living; nonliving; logic; calculation; vision; semantics; AI; discovery; modelling; instrumentation; level; representation
Downloads: 49
[texts]Die Zentralorganisation schwedischer Schüler (SECO) - Bernhard Bierschenk
Compared to all other countries, the self-governing organisation of the Swedish Student Union has a unique position concerning its influence on Administration, Government and Parliament. Through the Teacher Union's strike of 1966, its activities have become known in Germany. In particular, the students' ability of organising lessons over an extended period of time has contributed to their popularity among some educators in Germany...
Keywords: student participation; student union; committee work; curriculum formulation
Downloads: 48
[texts]A Computer-based Content Analysis of Interview Data: Some Problems in the Construction and Application of Coding Rules - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report discusses the development of a technique for a computer-based content analysis It presents a flowchart of different stages in the design of an Analysis of Concepts by Data-processing. The acronym ANACONDA is the name that has been given to this technique. A condensed preliminary version of ANACONDA is presented and empirical results are shown from the application of the technique by independent coders to test materials...
Keywords: linguistic data; concept analysis; intercoder agreement; interview text; psycholinguistics
Downloads: 39
[texts]Geometric Foundation and Quantification of the Flow in a Verbal Expression - Bernhard Bierschenk
This article presents the geometric foundation and quantification of the Agent-action-Objective (AaO) kinematics. The meaningfulness of studying the flows in verbal expressions through splitting and splicing the strings in a verbal flow relates to the fact that free parameters are not needed, since it is not required that the presented methodological development fits one or the other empirical context...
Keywords: geometry; foundation; string; ring; structure; magnitude; phase; transition; splicing; splitting; sphere; dependency
Downloads: 30
[texts]Ett år med en forskargrupp: Notiser om aktiviteter inom projekten S֖K och SIR läsåret 1975-76 - Inger Bierschenk
The research projects SÖK and SIR had regular meetings during the academic year 1975-76. The author has summarised the discussions at the meetings with the aid of notes taken. The activities of the projects have been documented, both discussions of research as well as of practical nature. In this report are summarised the main subjects of discussion, the way in which the activities were distributed over the year, and how the activities of the group members have been reflected in the protocols...
Keywords: teamwork; research process; policy; protocol data; micro-ecology
Downloads: 62
[texts]Textens essens: En dialog om Perspektivisk Textanalys - Inger Bierschenk
The present chapter is written mainly as a tutorial for those researchers who try to get out something essential from peoplesâ way of reasoning and behaving and who suppose that this is expressed in their spoken and written language. Fundamental to the method presented here is that it gives a synthesis of the perspective that a text producer gives to a text in the moment of its evolvement. Since a perspective cannot be developed within single clauses and sentences but in the co-operation betwee...
Keywords: concept of text; agent as function; depth of text; perspective borders; graphical sentence; functional clause; perspective differentiation; integration; linguistic models; schema
Downloads: 66
[texts]The Morphogenesis of Orientation and Structural Stability of Themes - Inger Bierschenk
This article presents a longitudinal study of a comprehensive experiment carried out in a natural learning environment. Its issue has been to consider the relationship between development and growth by intra-individual comparisons. According to an evolutionary scale, pure literature has been selected in the course of a modular curriculum, developed for the Gymnasium level. With respect to the comprehension of the main idea of five literary works at five occasions during three years two students ...
Keywords: natural learning environment; longitudinal study; comprehension; writing style; individual development; individual growth; learning strategy; learning by materials; evolutionary scale
Downloads: 45
[texts]The Sensing of Competence: Architecture and Functioning of a Plotting Device - Bernhard Bierschenk
Stimulated by the general philosophical idea oflogical positivism Edgar A. Singer, early in the 1920s made the radical suggestion that behaviour does not have mentalcauses. His thesis, further developed and modified by Arturo Rosenblueth, Norbert Wiener and Julian Bigelow in the early 1940s, has come to be termed behaviouralteleology. The principal motivation for Gerd Sommerhoff was in the beginnings of the 1950s to disjoin the behavioural approach from all notions of mind, mental statesand ment...
Keywords: competence; Targeted system analysis; goal-directed behaviour; visible social texture; association; process; structure; transition probabilities; General Linear Model (GLM); principal component; competition-success flexibility; space relation
Downloads: 100
[texts]Reasons for Cooperative Structure - Inger Bierschenk & Bernhard Bierschenk
Both ecological and conceptual environments require a ground for their observation. The ground structures an observer's perception of objects and events. It is therefore of high experimental importance that subjects are given the opportunity to verbalise freely how they perceive an environment and orient themselves in it, since in their language there will be expressed towards what kind of ground structure they operate in the perception process...
Keywords: ecology; environment; concepts; the Givens; observer-event binding; visual cliff; social setting; cultural setting; orientation; experiment
Downloads: 51
[texts]Schulpsychologie und Schülerpflege - Gerd Iben & Bernhard Bierschenk
This report gives some information about the possibilities and problems, which have been observed during an excursion to Sweden, jointly organised by the Department of Comparative Education, University of Marburg and the Department of Education at the University of Hamburg. Two different forms can be discerned. One concerns the provision of school psychology in Gothenburg and the other relates to parts of student care within the comprehensive school system of Uppsala...
Keywords: Sweden; comprensive school; psychology; student care
Downloads: 33
[texts]Processanalys och beteendeträning i lärarutbildningen: Simulering av interpersonella relationer (SIR) - Bernhard Bierschenk
The report presents a research program, the purpose of which is to study (1) the development of the individual's self-cognition and competence in handling interpersonal relations, (2) the individual's sensitivity in observing the course of an event and ability to develop flexible strategies of behaviour in interactions with others. A model for the simulation of interactive behaviour is outlined. The model is based on three behavioural principles and has guided the preliminary construction of a s...
Keywords: behaviour simulation; model development; interaction strategies; test results
Downloads: 75
[texts]Ergebnisse aus einem Experiment zur Beeinflussung der Kognition extern vermittelter Lehrer-Schüler-Beziehungen durch Persönlichkeitsvariablen - Bernhard Bierschenk
In a self-confrontation experiment (1969/70), student teachers have been put through an extensive test battery containing personality tests, cognitive tests and attitude tests. In this report are presented the main results of an analysis of the influence of personality on the student teachers perception and evaluation during self-confrontation with their own video-recorded micro-lessons.
Keywords: student; teacher; interaction; microteaching; experiment; personality variables; videorecording
Downloads: 53
[texts]Consciousness in Historical Time: Tacitus on the Suiones - Bernhard Bierschenk (Ed.)
Since knowability must emanate from the single individual, singularity constitutes the frame of reference, and the embodiment of knowing is expected to emerge through individual text production. Furthermore, the basis of the presented studies will consist of text materials with unknown frame factors. This is especially underlined by the fact that history at the Times of Tacitus was an art, not a science...
Keywords: geometry; distance; morphogenesis; structure; knowability; consciousness; history; time; Latin prose; resonance space; FES; AaO axiom; Europe; thought
Downloads: 48
[texts]An Excursion into the Ecological Coordinates of Language Space - Inger Bierschenk
This article should be regarded as a position paper, which outlines an ecological theory of language. The paper makes the analogy between the physical and mental growth of a human being and the rhythmic movement of writing and textual development. Thus text building is conceived of as a process developing into a structural whole. This process is inherent in the language mechanism. The paper describes the way this mechanism operates to form a structural whole out of the natural distortions in the...
Keywords: text; development; text flow; intentionality; ecology; language; wholeness; demarcation; restriction; transformation; convergence
Downloads: 27
[texts]Research Planning from a Micro-ecological Perspective: Summary of Interview Study - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents a summary of an interview study. The purpose of the study has been to obtain empirical information on how researchers at institutes of education perceive, structure, and define educational and psychological problems. The collection, evaluation and presentation of the results of the study have been made on the basis of system theoretic assumptions.
Keywords: research policy; interview data; system analysis; concept formation
Downloads: 32
[texts]Intended Predication - Inger Bierschenk
The basic argument of this article is that the predicate, in its profane sense, has a realistic ground. A discussion of realism in language analysis is made on the basis of a reconstruction of the paradigmatic functions intended in the Objective component. By introducing the Subject component as the governing factor for analysing predications, the author schematically demonstrates the "ecologically significant" double binding between the objects of the predicate.
Keywords: realism; language; objective; AaO paradigm; linguistics; representation; figure; ground; cooperation
Downloads: 28
[texts]The Angle of Articulation in Textual Movement - Bernhard Bierschenk
Natural systems are self-organising and stratify according to the angular articulation of their movements. In particular, movement is relative to the levels that define its behaviour space. As natural phenomenon, text production is self-referential. In generating information, the intention of the producer of a text becomes specified. Specifying of intention is dependent on phase and phase transitions...
Keywords: AaO machine; angular displacement; natural logarithm; energy flow; AaO unity; channelling; natural group; grapheme string; agglomeration; ESS; kinetic coupling
Downloads: 48
[texts]Forskningsplanering ur mikroekologiskt perspektiv - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains a summary of an interview study. The investigation has been carried out with the aim to explore the initial phase of the research process. According to a model, based on a theory of general systems, results are presented concerning the perception, structuring and definition of educational and psychological research problems. The results are summarised in accordance to the resources and constraints, which steer research planning.
Keywords: research policy; system analysis; interview data; empirical research
Downloads: 62
[texts]Självkonfrontation via intern television i lärarutbildningen: Resultat, implikationer och rekommendationer - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains a summarised description of the experimental design, results and implications of separately published analyses. The aim of the investigation has been to study the effects of traditional tutoring and self-confrontation via closed circuit television and video-recording on student teachers' self-assessment. In addition, the report contains recommendations for further research and for further analyses of data already collected.
Keywords: teacher training; micro-lessons; CCTV; videotape; experiment
Downloads: 87
[texts]Applications of Perspective Text Analysis: A Thematic Overview - Inger Bierschenk
This thematic overview presents some studies on the validation and verification of Perspective Text Analysis (PTA). The first section, containing the validation part, provides evidence for the hypothesis about the capacity of PTA to reflect specificity of ecologically specified observations in text production. The following section presents verification studies within various contexts and focuses on individual prerequisites and constraints that are at work when a person is put in a situation in ...
Keywords: validation; study; laboratory; context; verification; longitudinal; experiment; learning
Downloads: 31
[texts]Ąr humaniora bildande? - Inger Bierschenk
The focus of this article is on the question whether pure literature can contribute to education. As a portion of modern literature study in Swedish upper secondary level, novels about the future were examined, especially some, which take a critical position toward modern civilisation. In an experiment using Perspective Text Analysis, a master text has shown the theoretically rooted dimensionality of "futurism" as a socially valid concept...
Keywords: humanities; futurism; educational materials; civilization novel; surface concepts; structural concepts; public morality
Downloads: 50
[texts]Menneskets moralske straeben som grundlag for en arbejdsmotivationsmodel - Conrad Ottesen
The subject of this presentation is work motivation. The starting point is taken in a critique of the theory of motivation as it has been developed since the beginning of the 19th century and a certain kind of making the human factor to a constant in the production of services.  The try-outs, which have been undertaken against this background can be characterised as more or less successful; with the experimentation it has not been possible to achieve with any of the aims...
Keywords: motivation; moral action; legitimacy; work obligation
Downloads: 56
[texts]The Topological Scaling of Consciousness: The World in the Perspective of Economists and Technologists - Bernhard Bierschenk
The article presents an analysis in which intentionality is the key concept in the measurement and representation of consciousness. It is shown that a psychological approach based on the animal mechanism out of which behavioural semantics has developed is wrong. By studying the local and global singularities it was possible to show that efficient transaction with the environment rests on the theoretical formulations that assume the cooperative interaction of a conscious organism with the environ...
Keywords: collectivity; consciousness; narratives; topological representation; cubic space
Downloads: 73
[texts]Invariant Formulation of the Kinematics of Body Movement on the Visual Cliff - Bernhard Bierschenk
No one has ever been able to look into the language space nor has anyone been able to measure the phenomenon of consciousness without the interference of an observer. This article is changing this situation completely. From now on it is possible to produce measures of consciousness without the presence of classical observation devices. In particular, the observation problem can be bypassed since the 'observer' is part of the âobservedâ...
Keywords: axiom; foundation; AaO paradigm; incompleteness; completeness; curling; string; A-O dependency; ring; strucure; pattern dynamics; clocking
Downloads: 36
[texts]Self-confrontation in Teacher Training: Student Teacher Assess their own video-taped Micro-lessons-A Follow-up Study - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report contains a description and discussion of self-assessment data obtained from student teachers, partly as a result of repeated self-confrontation experiences during a confrontation experiment, partly as a result of reassessments six weeks respectively two years after they had participated in the self-confrontation experiment. The data have been analysed by means of ANOVA and canonical correlation analyses...
Keywords: self-confrontation; micro-lesson; teacher training; experiment; self-assessment; closed circuit television; video-recording; educational experts; regression analysis
Downloads: 75
[texts]Language as Carrier of Consciousness - Inger Bierschenk
The purpose of the discussion in this article is to give an evolutionary background to a method developed for the analysis of language seen as expression of intention and morality. The method is named “Perspective Text Analysis”. This name indicates that beyond the physical dimension of a text there is a metaphysical one, which can be discovered by a formal mechanism. The cue component of this mechanism is the Agent, which controls the perspective of the text...
Keywords: language evolution; AaO-axiom; consciousness; language model; perspective control; Kantian schema; agent function; morality
Downloads: 98
[texts]An Information Processing Experiment - Inger Bierschenk
This experiment starts with the assumption that the struc­ture and representation of scientific information should correspond to the cognitive structure assumed to exist in both user and producer of information. The model of in­vestigation of cognitive representation is based on overt manifestations of concepts and conceptual relations as they emerge in the abstract language of titles of scienti­fic documents...
Keywords: computational linguistics; cognitive science; information processing; information science; linguistics; representation language; text processing; thesaurus
Downloads: 63
[texts]Conceived Limits for Manipulated Reproduction - Inger Bierschenk
This article is focusing on the notion that the design of a civilization is perceivable to its citizens only to the degree that they have the cognitive instruments to judge it properly. With the purpose to clarify how two Swedish female adolescents comprehend the information structure of a utopian society, their written responses to Huxley’s Brave New World are studied. The method used for the analysis is Perspective Text Analysis (PTA/Vertex), which is founded on the Agent-action-Objective (A...
Keywords: authenticity; AaO-axiom; functional text geometry; perspective text analysis (PTA); textual morphogenesis; free energy surfaces; civilization; utopian society; Huxley
Downloads: 28
[texts]On Linguistic Formulas for Knowledge Representation - Inger Bierschenk
This paper takes up one model that has been basic for language-based computer systems. With this background, one primary computer application will be examined. The aim is to illustrate some problems in taking advantage of a theory developed in one field when constructing a linguistic representation in another.
Keywords: computational linguistics; cognitive science; phrase structure; grammar; computer understanding
Downloads: 52
[texts]The Manifestation of Symmetry between the Emergence of Consciousness and the Development of Competence - Bernhard Bierschenk & Inger Bierschenk
The article presents an experiment in which students, classified according to high and low analytical performance, were given a reading and text production test to determine their sensibility to the structure of an Icelandic saga. This material was used because of its extreme simplicity on the textual surface level, a property suited for studying structure as something beyond the surface. The hypothesis tested is whether the structure mediated through the produced texts pertains to a descriptive...
Keywords: learning strategy; single subject study; teaching strategy; writing style; AaO mechanism; holophors; metaphysical properties; Icelandic saga; Gunnlaug Ormstungu
Downloads: 28
[texts]Differentiated Limits for Knowability - Bernhard Bierschenk
The article is based on the string-hypothesis, which has important scientific consequences. Science has meant to associate the notion of number with the strict operation of counting. However, recent account of string-theoretical approaches is sharply distinguishing number from magnitude. In studying spinning strings in the context of language, it is shown that rotation is a valid concept. For the descrip­tion of rotating strings, super strings and super symmetries, fitness values are produced d...
Keywords: magnitudes; strings; thermodynamic limits; rotation; grapheme; intentional asymmetry; orientation; fitness landscapes; novelties; global singularities
Downloads: 24
[texts]Några personlighetsvariablers betydelse vid lärarkandidaters perception och värdering av egen undervisning - Kerstin Skog-Östlin
The purpose of this report has been to describe in detail eighteen tests of a battery of personality tests, administered in a self-confrontation experiment. The results indicate that in general personality variables, especially those mirroring an interest in one’s self, play a major roll in perception and evaluation of one’s own teaching.
Keywords: self-confrontation; experiment; personality tests; multivariate analysis; self-interest
Downloads: 153
[texts]The Observer as Categoriser - Bernhard Bierschenk
This article concerns the rotation-translation hypothesis. Oscillations in pattern dynamics are shown to produce perspective transformations of motifs and themes. At the kinematic level, this condition has made it possible to extract different perspective orientations. As a result, it is shown that motifs carry intentional cues and locate structurally the observerâs thematic orientation. Since the original text and its translation share highly similar informational invariants, their attractor s...
Keywords: translation; synthetic; proposition; structure; invariance; accusation; dependency; displacement; real time; imaging; holophor; interview
Downloads: 23
[texts]Fundamentals of Perspective Text Analysis (Substantially Revised Edition). - Bernhard Bierschenk
The major assumption made is that language as a natural system is both self-organising and self-referential. Compared to common syntactic-semantic approaches, the present approach is ecological and builds on the unambiguous identification of textual agents and agencies together with their objectives. Because information transaction cannot be studied without an emphasis on the text producer’s text building behaviour, his intended and oriented schematising as unitizing activity has been focused ...
Keywords: perspective; control; agent; integration; entanglement; text building; behaviour; information law; text flow; synthethic; AaO; proposition; knowability; self-reference; interval; sensitivity; zipper; topology; invariance
Downloads: 65
[texts]A System for Interactive Behaviour Simulation - Bernhard Bierschenk
This report presents a system for simulation of interactive behaviour strategies. The system has been constructed on the basis of a psycho-ecological model. The basic unit is an event. Each event has been concretised by means of closed circuit television and video recording techniques and anchored in three basic paradigms of behavioural science, namely the paradigms of association, structure and process...
Keywords: adaptive behaviour; strategies; simulation; events; actions; principles
Downloads: 54
[texts]Development of Competence in Dynamic Learning Environments - Inger Bierschenk
In information rich societies like ours there is a demand for a steadily ongoing discussion and research of the way people in various functions develop and maintain their competence. Competence has become a word of fashion and although everybody thinks that they know what competence is, nobody can tell how it may be measured. The traditional definitions of the word rest on properties, which are equal to knowledge and qualifications...
Keywords: Competence; social concern; measuring learning; public sector; private sector; materials construction
Downloads: 142
[texts]Perspective Text Analysis: Tutorial to Vertex - Inger Bierschenk & Bernhard Bierschenk
The present work is based on the Kantian (AaO)-axiom and conceptualised as a textbook. As scientific method in the true sense of the notion science, the Vertex version of Perspective Text Analysis (PTA) represents a completely new approach to text-based studies. The inter-lingual character of Vertex has been tested and established in the context of six different languages, four belonging to the German family and two to the Roman family...
Keywords: perspective text analysis (PTA); functional text geometry; Kantian AaO-axiom; language space; flow dynamics; fusion dynamics; magnitudes; potential energy surfaces; free energy surfaces; energy landscapes
Downloads: 50
[texts]Schemabiten i diagnosen av kunskapsstrukturer - Helge Helmersson
This article presents an attempt to construct a knowledge model on the basis of' the use of a computer-based planning model. The precision and analysis of different knowledge generation processes are made with reference to the school environment. The basic unit of analysis is a “timetable unit” defined within the timetable as a number of combina­tions of subject-teacher-class-room. The timetable unit is conceptualised as a unity, while the relations between the components are used for a dia...
Keywords: frames; timetable; planning; school; computer-based
Downloads: 72
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